Minds in the Water documents the journey of traveling professional surfer Dave Rastovich, from an ocean minded admirer to an ocean activist.

Through the charismatic journey of Dave's life witness an adventure spanning the globe from Australia and the Galapagos to Tonga, Alaska and Japan.

See first hand how one surfer's quest to protect dolphins and whales has blossomed into a movement of like minds.

The message: if ocean minded people are to pass on a sustainable culture then they must become responsible stewards of their coastal environment ~ Dave Rastovich

We encourage you to visit the MITW Visual Petition sister site in hope's to help ensure that our next generation experiences the same joy of surfing with Dolphins and watching the great Whales migrate as we all have.

We hope to inspire you to seek ways to call attention to the state of the world's oceans and how we can keep them healthy for generations to come...

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**UPDATE** FUEL TV has partnered with The Saltwater Collective to produce a focused half-hour version of the documentary to screen directly to its TV audience. It's another example of a commitment to "conscious content" that FUEL TV views as import programming to present to its market.

"Minds In The Water is an amazing story about how a group of people can get behind a cause that they're passionate about." Says Shon Tomlin, FUEL TV's VP of Programming and Development. "Dave Rastovich and Justin Krumb do an excellent job of telling an engaging story that connects the dots between passionate surfers and the mammals they share the ocean with. We're honored to be a part of such a great project."

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