Howie is an artist and marine conservationist with a longstanding passion for cetaceans.

He has initiated campaigns such as 'The Universal Declaration of Marine Mammal Rights', 'Blue Groper', 'State Fish NSW', 'Get you Butts Off Our Beaches' and the Whale Tipi Project.

Howie has been working with IFAW for last six years on art and education projects especially in relation to the South Pacific Whale Sanctuary proposal, and attending IWC meetings.

"The ocean has always been an alluring source of adventure and rejuvination throughout my life, these days body boarding takes me to the moving wave, salt on my skin, encounters with dolphins, and the sound of the surf booming under the stars.

"In the mid 70's when I was living on an island cliff top in New Zealand, riding longboards, sailing and diving I had a kind of mystical epiphany about whales and dolphins, our Ocean Kin, that inspired me to take up painting large canvases about them, still to this day, and work toward the full protection of cetaceans.

"All the wondrous encounters I've had with cetaceans have confirmed to me that we are indeed privileged to be in the company of this ancient and noble race of profoundly wise, joyful and ultimately forgiving people of the sea."

"It is our hope that the S4C website will grow with your input and support to become a clear voice for the collective power, will and creativity of surfers and active sea lovers everywhere to form a united front against the bloody slaughter of whales and dolphins, to help safeguard their home seas, and to see the Whale Nation fully honoured and protected into the future."

- Howie Cooke