I was raised in Florence Italy, and moved to the seashores of California at the age of six. My earliest childhood memories revolve around simple pleasures of the sea. I come from a long line of sea dwelling ocean-goers and have been lucky enough to travel the world in search of beautiful stretches of coast line. The fundamentals of my life have always revolved around family, surfing, art and my immense love for the natural beauty of this planet.

Currently I am a professional surfer/artist. I've been a vegetarian since birth and feel that my deep connection between the sea and my love for cetaceans alike has brought me to the S4C organization. I'm honored to be working amongst such inspirational and passionate people who are dedicate to preserving the lifespan of whales, dolphins and sea creatures alike. It's my hope that through education and shedding light on the cruelty Cetaceans are currently facing, surfers world-wide can create a unified voice that will help protect these amazing creatures for future generations.